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Heavy cargo transports

Heavy cargo transports:

no problem for Militzer & Münch

 Shipping oversized cylinders for a hydropower plant in Central Asia or heavy printing machinery: With us, your heavy cargo is in strong hands.

Militzer & Münch plans the best route for your transport. From place of origin via sea, then via rail, and delivery to destination by truck? No problem. We have all modes of transport at our disposal; we combine different carriers – complying with the highest safety standards. Even under extreme conditions like in the high mountain ranges of Tajikistan, Militzer & Münch delivers your heavy cargo transports to their destination, safely and on time.

Before we get your goods going, we obtain the necessary permits. We also organize road blocks and escort vehicles. Our local experts ensure the smooth customs clearance of your heavy cargo transports.

Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods transports you can rely on: Militzer & Münch offers detailed planning, safe loading, and a full service package.

Dangerous goods transports

Special transports

With correct handling and perfectly coordinated project logistics processes, Militzer & Münch helps you with your sensitive goods transports.

Special transports

Project management

Precise planning, on time delivery: In project logistics, every single detail counts.


Project management